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At the age of thirteen, I read The Outsiders in seventh grade, and that’s when I knew I wanted to be a writer. And yes, the book isn’t romance, but it instilled within me a love for amazing characters. Characters that stay with you and never let go. Kind of like a damn good kiss. From there I maybe-kinda-sorta thought I had a knack for romance ever since I wrote a fanfiction about Fox Mulder’s rippling abs. And no, you cannot read it. It is buried in the depths of a very dark drawer. Also, side note: Mulder and Scully are the OG of the slow burn.

Since then, I’ve written in various genres from YA to literary fiction. However, it wasn’t until about four years ago I decided to give romance a try. I had an idea in my head and decided to combine my two loves, country music and kissing, and the Nashville Star series was born. Six books later, I am still in love with writing romance and only have more ideas on the way.

I adore writing about good men who go to almost superhuman lengths to protect the women they love. And I love writing about strong, stubborn women who don’t take shit but still like it when their men sweep them off their feet.

When I’m not parked in front of a computer writing, I am mom-ing, reading, traveling, drinking wine, baking and watching good TV.

I write full-time from Arizona, where I live with my husband, daughter and a very chonky cat.

Whew. I think that’s enough.

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Ava Hunter

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