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He can't forget her. . .

It's been nine months since country superstar Luke Kincaid lost his wife in a tragic plane crash. Unable to cope with the pain of losing her, Luke is damn close to giving it all up—the music, his band, even his life. Until he learns his wife is alive. He rushes to bring her home, only to find himself heartbroken as the woman he loves has no memory of him or their life together.

But she can't remember him.

Sal wants to remember this tall, tan country singer who’s true, kind and hot as hell. As Luke struggles to help her revive her memories, as well as his own flailing music career, danger threatens their second chance. The madman responsible for Sal’s disappearance has found her, and will stop at nothing to claim what is his.

With Sal’s life hanging in the balance, Luke vows to do what he couldn’t do the first time—protect his wife at any cost.

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An amnesia, second chance romance

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All she wants is the music. All he wants is her.

Nashville’s pop-country princess Alabama Forester is drowning in debt and a bad reputation after a tabloid scandal gone off the rails.

In fact, her entire life’s gone off the rails. Without a manager, she’s working at a podunk diner unsure if she’ll ever record another song again. That is, until she’s offered the chance of a lifetime: join country-rock bad boy Griff Greyson on tour and pay off her debt.

It should be easy.

Except it isn’t.

Because Griff, the boy who broke her heart all those years ago, is now a man. A rough and rowdy rocker, with a muscled, tattooed body, and tawny-colored eyes that have her wanting to break every rule in the songbook.

Country hellraiser Griff Greyson is trying to get his music career back on track after being arrested for disorderly conduct. The last thing he needs is bruised and beautiful Alabama Forester on his tour.

The girl he gave up for the spotlight.

The woman he still loves.

He vows to stay away from her. Vows to keep the real reason he left Alabama all those years ago a secret.

Now, on a whirlwind tour across the United States with hot tempers and even closer quarters, sparks fly whenever they're on stage together. But when Griff's old rock-and-roll lifestyle puts Alabama's life on the line, both discover they could lose everything—before they ever really had it.

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A forced proximity, enemies-to-lovers romance

Sal Kincaid has been to hell and back—and survived.

Now, her life is where it’s always meant to be. With Luke, her country superstar husband by her side, her career as a paramedic taking off, and an exciting secret she’s keeping close to her heart, Sal’s future has never been brighter.

But when tragedy strikes, Sal is left fighting for her life and everything in it— including her and Luke’s perfect second chance. And Luke will do whatever it takes to find his wife before it’s too late.

Before he loses the one person he can’t live without.

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A surprise baby, kidnapping romance

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She saved him when he needed her. Now he’ll save her too.

After making a tragic mistake that nearly cost him his brother, his reputation, and his sobriety, playboy Seth Kincaid wants nothing more than to hide the secrets of his past. When he hears that his sometimes-secret fling—and his guardian angel in high-heels—Lacey Sutton is injured, he’s determined to repay her by stepping up to take care of her.

But Lacey is off limits. She’s Seth’s best friend’s little sister.

Even if her sassy banter, wild temper, and gorgeous curves are the best kind of addiction.

Event planner Lacey Sutton has time for only one thing in her life: her job. She doesn’t have time for relationships, or injuries that could cost her the party of the century. And she definitely doesn’t have time for cocky country singers with ocean-blue eyes, broad shoulders, and chiseled jaws.

Love is not on Lacey’s carefully planned agenda. Even if the way Seth looks at her, has her wanting to let him into her guarded heart.

However, their close confines soon transform their attraction from lust to love. But when Seth’s superstardom calls him back to Nashville—and reality—Seth and Lacey must face the truth about themselves and their secrets, or they’ll risk losing what they never knew they needed: each other.

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A best friend’s sister, grumpy-sunshine romance

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This time, Jace Taylor has gambled more than he can afford to lose.

When a loan shark shows up at his front door demanding he pay him fifty thousand dollars or else, Brothers Kincaid bassist Jace Taylor thinks his life can’t get any worse. That is, until his wife, Emmy Lou, leaves him. With his marriage on the line, he’s determined to win back his wife’s trust—before the love of his life is gone for good.

Former Rodeo Queen Emmy Lou Montgomery loves wide-open spaces, glittery tiaras, and horses, not a lying heartbreaker of a soon to-be-ex-husband who dares to look too damn good in his Wranglers. Determined not to repeat her old mistakes, she returns to her family farm to put herself first.

Only forgetting about Jace might not be so easy when he shows up and moves in, asking her to give him the summer to prove he can be the man she deserves. Emmy Lou does her best to avoid Jace, but when they’re stuck working on the rodeo together, soon their summer turns downright scorching as one spark has their marriage catching flames.

But just as Jace and Emmy Lou realize they’re ready to go all in on their second chance, secrets from Emmy Lou’s past slink out of the shadows. Secrets she’s still running from.

Secrets that will do whatever it takes to keep them apart...

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A marriage-in-crisis, small town romance

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What do you do when your entire world is turned upside down?

Lacey Sutton has it all. A booming career in Nashville as an event planner and Seth Kincaid’s engagement ring on her finger.

She’s never been more ready to say I do to the love of her life.

Until a terrifying twist of fate brings Seth and Lacey’s wedding plans to a screeching halt.

And this time, keeping their love strong might prove to be the toughest challenge they’ve ever faced.

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A hurt/care romance

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One bump. Two strangers. Three days to fall in love.

Tessie Truelove has spent her entire life avoiding...well, true love. And why wouldn’t she? Her dog ran off, her father left to go get cigarettes and never came back, and her mother passed away years ago. Instead, Tessie, a celebrity interior designer, clings to her to-do lists and her Pantone colors and her toxic job to avoid more heartbreak.

But after too much whiskey and a wild night with a rugged stranger has her seeing two little pink lines, she vows to do motherhood all by herself. After all, it might be her one shot at true love.

Nothing will interrupt her plans. Not even Solomon Wilder—her muscled, bearded, brooding baby daddy—who stomps his way into her perfectly planned babymoon after learning about her pregnancy.

Stuck together in paradise, the two strike a deal: spend three days together to figure out how to raise their son.

Complete opposites, they have nothing in common except the bump between them. Tessie has her glamorous career in LA, and Solomon has his wild life in Alaska. Yet as the babymoon takes a turn for the steamy and Solomon breaks through the emotional walls Tessie’s spent years guarding, she starts to wonder if she and this gruff, flannel-wearing mountain man might be meant to do more than just share a baby—they might be meant to share a heart.

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An accidental pregnancy romance

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Keeping my heart guarded all my life has never been an issue. Until he saves me in a bar fight.

Charlie Montgomery is one grumpy rancher. Calloused hands, stubborn heart, the definition of a true cowboy.

He dislikes me from the second we meet. Warns me away from his tiny town of Resurrection, Montana. Well, what he doesn’t know is I’m armed with a bucket list and a secret. There’s no way I’m leaving. I’ll just keep my distance.

Only in a small town that distance doesn’t last for long. Because I owe him a favor: Work for him for three months and help him save his home. Runaway Ranch.

But our close confines mean I see what’s under all that strong. I see the real Charlie Montgomery. The man behind the rugged rancher who yells. Beneath his dark beard hides a rare smile. Beneath his mile-wide chest beats a tender heart. One that slowly starts to beat for me.

And instead of running back onto that open road, I run towards Charlie instead.

But a hidden danger is lurking. Someone who doesn't want Charlie to save his ranch. Someone who is out to get us both. And I could lose more than my heart this summer—I could lose my life…

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A cowboy

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I was a good girl who played by the rules. Except when it came to Davis Montgomery.

A handsome former Marine with a rough touch and a filthy mouth. A man I loved.

But when he didn’t ask me to stay, I took it as a sign to leave my small town and chase my dream. What a mistake that turned out to be.

Now, I’m back, running from the flames of my past to find a fresh start.

But fresh doesn’t always mean easy. Not when I’m now the town outcast. Not when I can’t hide my bruises or the baby I’m carrying.

When Davis finds out what happened to me, his protective nature comes out and he does the unthinkable. He moves me onto Runaway Ranch, determined to keep me safe. He says he’ll do everything he can to get me back on my feet. But I never expected the deep feelings and scorching attraction between us to come back even stronger.

One night, the embers of our past are rekindled and I remember all the reasons why I’ve loved him for so long.

That one spark gives us back our second chance. But second chances don’t come easy, especially when the shadow from my past is lurking. And ready to take back what’s his. . .

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A second 

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"This gifted storyteller’s beautiful prose borders on poetic, and the heart of the story leaps off the page

and settles deep within the reader, making these characters a place in the soul that remains long after the story has ended. Quirky and fun, but poignant and heartfelt, this is one of my favorite romcoms ever and one you absolutely won’t want to miss! 

"Sing You Home was beautiful, heartbreaking, addicting, and I couldn't stop until I finished it.

With a dose of angst, suspense and mystery and a great big bunch of heart, this book held me captive from beginning to end.”

"Babymoon or Bust

was truly a beautiful story full of self-revelation, love, new norms, pregnancy apps, Pantone colors, mocktails and a rugged possessive mountain man.”

"Ava Hunter is truly just out there

writing heart wrenching stories featuring beautiful characters and a whole lot of suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat.”

One Song Started It All...

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